Country Sunrise Southwest Burgerless Mix BAG- 1b


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Country Sunrise Southwest Burgerless Mix- 1b

Our Southwest flavored low-protein burger mix is an ideal solution for those following a low-protein dietary plan, including individuals with Phenylketonuria (PKU) or Chronic Kidney/Renal Disease (CKD). This delicious blend offers an alternative way to enjoy your meals while adhering to your dietary restrictions. It's versatile - you can shape it into a mouthwatering southwest burger, roll it into savory meatballs, or brown it as hamburger meat to incorporate into your preferred recipes. Preparation is a breeze - just combine the dry veggie mix with a bit of oil and water, then brown it in a skillet. With its low protein content and high nutritional value, this mix is a convenient and healthy choice!

1 Burger Mix Serving
Protein: 0g 
PHE: 15mg

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