PKU Perspectives Accepts HSA Cards

Bill Your Own Insurance:

How to Self File an Insurance Claim Form:
1.Contact your insurance plan to determine if low protein foods are covered.
2.Use the medical code S9435(PKU & Homocystinuria). Ask if they are covered and to what extent they are covered.
3.Ask if you need to obtain an in-network authorization as most companies are out of network. This can also be called a Gap Exception.
4.You should know of any co-payments, coinsurance payments or deductibles that have not been met on your plan.
5.If you insurance company covers low protein foods, you will need to obtain a prescription and letter of medical necessity from your provider. Submit that to your insurance company with your request for an authorization. 

8.If you have a self-insured plan they are not mandated to reimburse for low protein foods or medical (metabolic) formulas.
9.You will need our NPI# 1770718025 and Tax ID# 812438654 to put on the health insurance claim form.

  1. Your insurance company should have a health insurance claim form on their website.
  2. An itemized bill and receipts. This is important. It will be filed along with the health insurance claim.
  3. Make a copy of every single document you receive and put it into a file specifically marked for your claim

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TIGHT LYNX LLC is  a medical supply company. Providing comfort and convenience to their patients. They care about your medical supply & insurance needs. Servicing all 50 states. They work with a variety of insurance carriers. 

Feel free to contact Email:

NPKUA Affiliate Council
They will provide support for PKU adults and families who are encountering insurance coverage issues for formula or low-protein medical foods.

NORD PKU Patient Assistance Programs

NORD sponsors 2 PKU Patient Assistance Programs, the Premium/Copay Program and Medical Assistance Programs.

EBT/Food Stamps: We do not take food stamps, however you can contact a local store to see if they would purchase your low protein foods for you and and then you would pay the store directly with your food stamps, EBT card. 

How Much Phe is an online subscription service which provides access to the Phe content for foods

The following are referals for state programs, pharmacies, pantries & stores


CCPKUAD Virtual Pantry/
Myers Medical Pharmacy- 260 Hospital Dr Suite 111, Ukiah, California 95482
Permanente Medical Group 275 West MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, California 94611
Cal Med Pharmacy- (213)413-2343 ext. 271
Florida- CMS/Sunshine Health (813)326-0596
Georgia- Catoosa Health Department-
University of Iowa Div of Medical Genetics/
Kentucky- The Prescription Pad 465 Keene Centre Drive, Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356
Massachusetts- Massachusetts Dept of Public Health-
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Oregon- OHSU (
Oregon Health & Science University)
Pennsylvania- Glenwood Foods 1614 Division HWY, Ephrata, Pennsylvania 17522
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Texas- Texas DSHS New Born Screeing/
Virginia- Sentara Health Plans
West Virginia
Wyoming- Quality IV Care

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