Direct Insurance Billing

Below are the steps required for you to obtain direct billing for PKU Perspectives products through 

your insurance provider. The purpose is to save you the extra step and inconvenience of having to 

pay for the foods up front and then getting reimbursed by your insurance plan.

1. Complete the following documents and fax or email them to PKU Perspectives.

Coverage Assistance Form

Credit Card Authorization Form

Assignment of Benefits Form

2. Our PKU Direct Insurance Billing team will contact you as to the status of your application.

3. Once your application is accepted it will be necessary to create a new account at This account should be used only for purchasing through insurance as part of the PKU Direct Insurance Billing program. 

4. Following the creation of your account, contact customer service and they will optimize your account for purchasing as a member of the PKU Direct Insurance Billing program.

5. At this point you will be able to make all purchases through the PKU Direct Insurance Billing program online at by logging in to this account.

Insurance Courtesy Billing: PKU Perspectives will bill your insurance carrier once complete and accurate insurance information is received. If your insurance carrier does not respond within 45 days, it is YOUR responsibility to contact them to resolve the delay. If the insurance carrier fails to pay, YOU are responsible for the payment of services received.  Your credit or debit card may be charged automatically according to our insurance billing agreement for any payments not paid by your insurance company. Any co-pays due must be paid before your order is shipped. Please contact for any questions that you may have. As billing any services thru an insurance company, the provided service is billed at a higher rate as there are added costs that we incur to bill your insurance company.  Insurance program pricing include shipping fees, processing fees and are higher because of the delay in receiving payment or no payments received at all.  You can save on our products by being a cash retail customer and then bill your own insurance company.  


Phone: 1-866-758-3663


Fax: 1-866-701-3788