Country Sunrise Eggless Substitute Mix BAG- 1lb


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Country Sunrise Eggless Substitute Mix- 1lb

Country Sunrise low protein Eggless Subisutte mix is a wonderful staple in a PKU, CKD (Chronic Kidney/Renal Disease) or any low protein diet. Its universal to use in many different receipes.

Try making egg salad, French toast, scrambled eggs, or an omelet filled with your favorite veggies.

Also a great egg substitute in baking or whenever an egg is called for.

A must-have when making low protein muffins, cookies, cakes, and pancakes.

Dairy Free.

1 egg serving
Protein: 0g

*Coloring of the Egg Mix may vary due to the nature of the coloring ingredients and does not affect the taste or the quality of the mix itself. 

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