Wanna Date? Cinnamon Date Spread- 10.5oz


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Wanna Date? Cinnamon Date Spread- 10.5oz

Sweet, light, and smooth like vegan cinnamon roll filling! Way healthier though; Cinnamon Date Spread is fat/sodium/cholesterol free and 25 calories per serving with no added sugar. 100% natural and gluten free, date spread is the solution to satisfying sweet cravings. You can go ahead and end your unhealthy relationship with cookie butter now -Wanna Date?

✓Dairy-free✓Gluten-free✓Grain-free✓Kosher✓Low fat✓Low sugar✓Nut-free✓Paleo✓Sodium-free ✓Soy-free✓Sugar-free✓Vegan✓Vegetarian✓ 0g Protein

Ingredients: Dates, water, cinnamon, lactic acid

Serving Size: 18g
Protein: 0g

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