Heinz Dipping Marinara Sauce Cup- 2oz


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Heinz Dipping Marinara Sauce Cup- 2oz

Heinz Marinara Sauce offers a light and refreshing taste, crafted from carefully selected ingredients. The base consists of ground whole tomatoes and an extra heavy puree, providing a robust and hearty flavor. It also includes onions and pure olive oil, which add an extra layer of complexity to the taste profile. The sauce is seasoned with a blend of spices, garlic, and salt to enhance its taste. Unlike some other brands that can appear dark and over processed, Heinz Marinara Sauce maintains a bright, natural tomato color. This is a testament to the quality of its ingredients and the care taken in its production process. One of the unique features of this sauce is that it's 100% natural. It doesn't contain any preservatives, stabilizers, gums, or citric acid. This makes it not only a healthier choice, but also a safer one for those with dietary restrictions or sensitivities. In addition, it serves as an excellent low protein option for those following a PKU diet. This makes it a versatile choice, adaptable to a variety of dietary needs and preferences. All these features combine to make Heinz Marinara Sauce a delicious, wholesome, and versatile addition to your meals.

Serving Size: 1oz Cup 
Less than 1g
PHE: 20mg /2oz Cup

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