Country Sunrise Birthday Surprise Mug Cake on the go CUP- 4.86oz


Price: $4.50
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Country Sunrise Birthday Surprise Mug Cake on the go cup

Frosting Pouches Included!

Enjoy quick and easy low protein mug in a cake.  Ready in about a 1 minute!

  • Simply Delicious, Our low protein cake in a cup are an amazingly moist, mouth-watering treat that will delight your sweet tooth
  • Quick and Convenient,  add wate,r mix, and microwave for about a minute, and enjoy a warm bite of dessert heaven.
  • The Perfect Size For 1, Our individual desserts are ideal for a quick low protein snack or for low protein individual desserts.
  • They’re made for just one, so, unlike other mixes, you won’t have to worry about waste.
  • Customization is Fun, These mug cakes are just the right size for personalizing and making your own. Try multiple toppings to create your own unique recipe!
  • 7 grams of fiber!

Protein: 0g PHE: 5mg

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