Xanthan GUM Bag- 8oz (Drop Ship)


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Xanthan Gum/ 1-8oz Bag

Universal gluten replacement! Xanthan Gum is a natural carbohydrate that adds volume and viscosity to low protein and gluten free breads, cakes and cookies. It is a key ingredient in low protein and gluten free baking.

Recommendations for Use: Cakes 1/2-1 tsp, Breads/Pizza 1-2 tsp, Cookies 1/2-1tsp.

100% Pure Food Grade Xanthan Gum (8 Oz) in a resealable standup pouch Packaged in a Dedicated Gluten Free Facility. Binds Gluten free Flours 
It is excellent as a thickener for making gravies, sauces, soups or stews.

Protein: 0g/1T serving



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