Country Sunrise All Purpose Baking Flour BAG-3lb


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Country Sunrise All Purpose Baking Flour BAG-3lb

Our low protein flour blend, that's a perfect one-to-one substitute for regular flour, is an ideal choice for baking enthusiasts. With this blend, you can effortlessly whip up quick breads and yeast breads, which are deliciously soft and fluffy. Or perhaps you're in the mood for breakfast favorites like pancakes and waffles? This flour blend has got you covered. If you're a fan of sweet treats, use our flour to bake irresistible cookies, brownies, and muffins. Enjoy a world of baking possibilities with our versatile low protein flour blend!

1 bag makes 2 loaves using the Preferred Pan Size: 6.37”x 3.75” x 2.75”

If you have a brand new Loaf pan - they need to be 'seasoned'. This basically means to wipe them with vegetable, butter, or oil and then bake them empty on high temperature for 20-30 min. The oven temperature needs to be quite high – at least 180 -200 C. Ideally this needs to be done several times, before the oil 'soaks' in to the tin. Your bread tins will still need to be oiled every time you use them and wiped clean with kitchen paper towel to remove any old bits of bread or flour from your previous baking.
  • Fortified with fiber
  • Made with real honey
  • Mix Only: Protein: 0g PHE: 3mg/ 1/3 cup (40grams) of dry mix
  • Prepared Bread Loaf: 13.83oz Loaf Approx 16 ⅜” Slices  PHE: 4mg per 24.5g slice

Allergens: Wheat

Serving Size: 40g
Protein: 0g
PHE: 3mg

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