Vitaflo PKU COOLER10 PURPLE BERRY/ 30 Pouches


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PKU COOLER10-Purple Berry

PKU COOLERS offer individuals, 3 years of age and older, a convenient, discreet and more socially acceptable way of taking their protein substitute. PKU COOLERS contain all the necessary amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to meet your needs. PKU COOLER10 provides 10g of protein equivalent per 87 ml pouch.(Approx 3oz) Phenylalanine free, low volume, and ready to drink. PKU COOLERS come in ready to drink sport packs. Store unopened drink packs at room temperature. The product can be chilled, however, in the refrigerator the day before serving as it is delicious cold. (Avoid storing products in areas of extreme heat and direct sunlight.) Simply shake before serving, open the screw top and drink. Product may be refrigerated for up to 24 hours after opening. PKU COOLERS can also be placed in the freezer the night before serving and defrosted the following morning by leaving the drink pack at room temperature for 2 å_ hours.

PKU COOLER10 provides 10g of protein equivalent per 87 ml pouch.(Approx 3oz)

Case:30-PKU COOLER10 Pouches (Shelf Life:3 plus months).

Discuss this great option with your doctor or nutritionist. An authorization or prescription from your doctor must be Faxed or mailed to PKU Perspectives in order to process your order. (FAX: 866-701-3788 - PKU Perspectives, PO Box 696, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062) You may place your order online or call 1-866-PKU-FOOD(758-3663) to place your order.

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