TRUFF - Pasta Sauce Black Truffle Arrabbiata

  • Iconic flavors of TRUFF with garden-fresh ingredients. A robust red sauce with a delightfully spicy finish. Inspired by our signature line of TRUFF hot sauces, we set out to create an exciting red sauce that focuses on flavor and delivers a nuanced kick to your taste buds.
  • Only the best ingredients. Focused on flavor, our Black Truffle Arrabbiata is a blend of ripe tomatoes, delicate herbs, black winter truffle, and a generous dose of red chili peppers that transforms lazy dinners into adventurous dining.
  • Versatile with a gentle kick of heat. This sauce is perfect for spicy pasta, chicken or eggplant parm, and zippy ratatouille. Just imagine spreading it on a meatball sub or dipping hot garlic breadsticks right into the jar. Less spicy than our original TRUFF Hot Sauce, the TRUFF Arrabbiata isn’t a full on spice bomb. Instead it delivers just enough of its delicate, wonderfully flavored heat.
  • Level up your pantry. No more boring, bland and under seasoned jarred sauce. With TRUFF, pasta sauce has been reimagined, and we landed on the next big, delicious breakthrough that you’ll always want to keep in stock at home.

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