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Josie's Best Gluten Free Crepe Mix 18oz

Manufacturer: Faire


Price: $8.50
Product ID : KMAA7271


Josie's Best Gluten Free Crepe Mix 18oz

You don’t have to fly to Paris to experience the joy that is a crepe (psst: you don’t have to eat gluten either). Our gluten free crepe mix also happens to be milk free, egg free, tree nut free, peanut free, and soy free. Oh, and did we mention suitable for vegan diets, too? Just sub the egg and milk for your favorite vegan products.

We know what you’re thinking: crepe? Isn’t that just a very thin, sad pancake? Au contraire! While they are technically thin pancakes, these wafer-thin morsels have the delicious job of supporting savory or sweet fillings. Just imagine the satisfying sizzle as you swirl the batter onto a heated skillet and watch it transform into the base of the best breakfast.

Whether you dress them up with berries, nutella, and whipped cream or keep them simple with butter and cheese, Josie’s “the crepe” will give you a taste of Paris in your kitchen.

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