Country Sunrise Pack 2 Go SAMPLE/ YOUR CHOICE OF 5 -1 Serving Packs


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Country Sunrise Pack 2 Go SAMPLE/5 -1 Serving Packs

Mix and Match 5 of your favorite Country Sunrise Mixes.  Single serving packets are great for travelling, picnics, camping grandma's house.   Take them anywhere!  Haven't tried our mixes yet? Try all of our 5-1 serving Packs 2 Go today!

CS Bacon Mix: Protein:0g PHE: 15mg/serving/ 2 slice serving

CS Chicken Pattie/Nugget Mix: Protein: 0g PHE:15mg/serving

CS Gourmet Cheese Sauce Mix: Protein: 2g/1/2 cup serving PHE:41mg/1/2 Cup servingCS Egg & Omelet Universal Egg Mix: 1 egg serving/Protein:0g PHE:6mg Leucine:11mg Isoleucine:5mg Lycine:7mg Methionine:2mg Tyrosine:4mg Valine:8mg Magnesium:1mg Phosphorus:12mg Potassium:11mg

CS Mushroom Burger Mix: Protein:0g PHE:12mg

CS Southwest Burger Mix: Protein:0g PHE:13mg

CS Sausage Mix: Protein: less than 1g PHE: 22mg / serving

CS Hot Dog Mix: Protein: 1g PHE:33mg/1 Hot Dog serving.

CS Mashed Potato: Protein:1g/serving. PHE:39 mg/serving.

CS Pancake Mix: Protein: 0g PHE: 6mg/2 Pancake serving


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