Country Sunrise CHEESE FLAVORED SAUCE Mix / 1- #10 Can (3 lbs) SPECIAL ORDER!


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Product ID : KMAA0324


Country Sunrise Cheese Sauce

A creamy sauce with rich cheese flavor and color. Fortified with nutrition, with NO MSG. For mac and cheese, you may prepare sauce separately and pour over pasta, or prepare quickly by adding sauce mix, water, and margarine to drained pasta in pot. Then just heat and serve. For a tastey cheese spread, prepare with less water and cool. No added MSG.

Protein: 0g PHE: 14mg/serving

Country Sunrise CHEESE FLAVORED SAUCE Mix may be stored in the sealed #10 can (with included oxygen absorber packet) for 10 to 15 years under ideal storage conditions (a cool, dry place). Once Opened Shelf Life Is 18 Months

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