Country Sunrise Cheese Burgerless on a bun- 4/139g


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Country Sunrise Cheese Burgerless on a bun- 4/139g

Our cheese burgerless on a bun is a unique spin on the classic cheeseburger, specifically designed for those who need low protein meals. This innovative option is crafted with a Country Sunrise Burgerless pattie to deliver a flavorful, low protein approach to the traditional hamburger. It's complemented by a gluten-free, low-protein hamburger bun and dairy-free American Cheese, making it a great alternative for individuals on a low protein diet. You can personalize it further by adding your preferred low protein condiments. Whether you choose to heat it up in the microwave or grill it for a smoky flavor, it's a versatile meal choice. Don't forget to toast the bun for an extra touch of crunch and flavor. This awesomeness low protein cheese burgerless on a bun truly lives up to its name, offering a delicious and satisfying meal without compromising your dietary needs.

Storage Instructions: Store in the freezer until the expiration date or store in refrigerator for up to 10 days.

Serving Size: 1 burger on a bun

*(Product only contains burgerless pattie, american cheese and bun. QTY:4)

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