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Mooala Organic Original Bananamilk


Price: $7.99
Product ID : KMAA0095


Mooala Organic Original Bananamilk

  • Original Bananamilk: Made with Organic bananas, sunflower seeds and cinnamon, our Plant-Based Bananamilk is nut-free, gluten-free, vegan and has only 60 calories per serving with no added sugar (yep, that’s Whole30 friendly!)
  • Non-Perishable:  carton can be left in your pantry until its best buy date; once open, place the carton in the fridge to maintain koala-ty freshness
  • Dairy, Soy and Carrageenan-Free: More than just a milk alternative, you can feel great with each sip knowing that Mooala’s Original Bananamilk is a good source of Calcium and Potassium
  • One Smart Swap: Use Bananamilk the same way you would use any dairy, almond or oat milk – pour it over your favorite bowl of cereal, add it to your morning smoothies and protein shakes, or grab a glass to enjoy with your favorite nut butter and jam
  • Simply Put, It’s Simple Goodness: Mooala uses real ingredients to make premium, USDA-Organic, dairy-free beverages and creamers for the whole family

Protein: 1.2g/PHE:60mg per 1 cup serving (237g)

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